Special People

At Satao Camp we pride ourselves on giving our guests “what they want”, tailor made safari’s to suit everyone’s needs.

The tourism industry as a whole caters mainly for the able bodied person however, we know that many an un-able bodied person dreams of going to “Africa” on safari.

The closest they have been is watching “Out of Africa” or the “BBC big cat diaries.” The question we have asked organizations around the globe is “why do we not get many disabled people here in Kenya?”

The simple answer we got was-”because no body cares and it is too much hassle”.

Well we do care and nothing is too much hassle for us. Our Tented safari camp here in Tsavo East Kenya has recently undergone extensive refurbishment and has been designed to cater for those with disabilities.

Our vehicles have been modified to cater for wheelchair users to sit comfortably and have the view to
experience something they have only ever dreamt of.

Everyone who comes to Kenya comments “the people are so friendly here” and this is one of our greatest assets, everyone here is equal, it does not matter about your circumstances, the days always pass with a warm truthful smile.

We will make ensure you have memories that will be etched in your mind forever.

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